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    ?#35805;?#24773;况下在美国商店里买东西是没有讨价还价的。但很多情况下是可以的。比如美国人的garage sale,大街上的交易或跳蚤市场里的交易。 特别是?#26800;?#20320;买大东西的时候,比如房子、车子时一定要记得和对方讲讲价。不然你就亏大了。


    How much is this?

    How much will that be?

    How much are these altogether?

    I think this is too expensive.

    That's little too much for me. Could you make it less for me?

    I can't afford it. This is too much.

    This is not a reasonable price.

    I don't have this much cash on me. Will you make it little cheap?

    What's the regular price? Do I get discount on this?

    Tell me what's the best price you can do for me?

    If I pay you cash, will you give me some discount?

    I'd buy this if you can make it a little less expensive.

    I'd buy it if you reduce the price a little.

    May I have a discount on this?

    Will you give me a discount?

    Can I have a discount?

    Would you give me a discount if I buy three of these?

    I've come all the way from China; please give me a better price.


    Dan Smith是一位美国的健身用品经销商,此次是Robert Liu第一回与他交手。就在短短几分钟的交谈中,Robert Liu既感到这位大汉粗犷的外表,藏有狡兔的心思——他肯定是沙场老将,自己绝不可掉以轻心。


    D: I'd like to get the ball rolling (开始) by talking about prices.

    R: Shoot. (洗耳恭听) I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    D: Your products are very good. But I'm a little worried about the prices you're asking.

    R: You think we about be asking for more? (laughs)

    D: (chuckles莞尔) That's not exactly what I had in mind. I know your research costs are high, but what I'd like is a 25% discount.

    R: That seems to be a little high, Mr. Smith. I don't know how we can make a profit with those numbers.

    D: Please, Robert, call me Dan. (pause) Well, if we promise future business - volume sales (大笔交易) - that will slash your costs (大量减低成本) for making the Exec-U-ciser, right?

    R: Yes, but it's hard to see how you can place such large orders. How could you turn over (销磬) so many? (pause) We'd need a guarantee of future business, not just a promise.

    D: We said we wanted 1000 pieces over a six-month period. What if we place orders for twelve months, with a guarantee?

    R: If you can guarantee that on paper, I think we can discuss this further.


    R: Even with volume sales, our coats for the Exec-U-Ciser won't go down much.

    D: Just what are you proposing?

    R: We could take a cut (降低) on the price. But 25% would slash our profit margin (毛利率). We suggest a compromise -10%.

    D: That's a big change from 25! 10 is beyond my negotiating limit. (pause) Any other ideas?

    R: I don't think I can change it right now. Why don't we talk again tomorrow?

    D: Sure. I must talk to my office anyway. I hope we can find some common ground (共同信念) on this.

    NEXT DAY D: Robert, I've been instructed to reject the numbers you proposed; but we can try to come up with some thing else.

    R: I hope so, Dan. My instructions are to negotiate hard on this deal - but I'm try very hard to reach some middle ground (互相妥协).

    D: I understand. We propose a structured deal (阶段式和约). For the first six months, we get a discount of 20%, and the next six months we get 15%.

    R: Dan, I can't bring those numbers back to my office -- they'll turn it down flat (打回票).

    D: Then you'll have to think of something better, Robert.


    R: How about 15% the first six months, and the second six months at 12%, with a guarantee of 3000 units?

    D: That's a lot to sell, with very low profit margins.

    R: It's about the best we can do, Dan. (pause) We need to hammer something out (敲定) today. If I go back empty-handed, I may be coming back to you soon to ask for a job. (smiles)

    D: (smiles) O.K., 17% the first six months, 14% for the second?

    R: Good. Let's iron out (解决) the remaining details. When do you want to take delivery (取货) ?

    D: We'd like you to execute the first order by the 31st.

    R: Let me run through this again: the first shipment for 1500 units, to be delivered in 27 days, by the 31st.

    D: Right. We couldn't handle much larger shipments.

    R: Fine. But I'd prefer the first shipment to be 1000 units, the next 2000. The 31st is quite soon - I can't guarantee 1500.

    D: I can agree to that. Well, if there's nothing else, I think we've settled everything.

    R: Dan, this deal promises big returns (赚大钱) for both sides. Let's hope it's the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship.

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